Japan is behaving very bravely – political scientist on the desire of the state to return its territory


Japan is behaving very bravely, – political scientist about the state's desire to return its territory

Japan wants to return the territory occupied by Russia/Unsplash

Against the background of the war in Ukraine, Japan decides to take new steps. It will refer to the southern Kuril Islands as “Russian-occupied territories”.

Japan has a chance to take back what belongs to it. Political analyst Nikolai Davydyuk said this on Channel 24.

Japan has a chance to return its territory

The country is in full swing negotiating in parliament on introducing in their diplomatic Constitution, the assertion that their territory must be returned quickly.

The Japanese are very brave. This is a chance for Japan to reclaim this territory. Let them return, we will help them with this,” Davidyuk stressed.

Let us recall that because of the sanctions, Russia was offended by Japan and abandoned the peace talks on the status of the South Kuriles.

Putin is trying to win back the victory

Since Vladimir Putin has no military victories in Ukraine, he is trying to win back the victory by annexing the previously occupied territories.

“The fact that he wants to annex several territories to Russia is true .The next electoral cadence, he wants to declare himself emperor,” the political scientist said.

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