Japan suspends entry of foreigners due to new COVID strain “Omicron”: details

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Japan suspends the entry of foreigners due to the new COVID strain

Note that WHO recommends countries to refrain from closing borders.

In Japan on Monday, November 29, announced the suspension of the entry of all foreigners into the country. The corresponding decision in the Japanese government was made against the backdrop of the spread of the new COVID-19 strain “Omicron”.

This was reported by The Associated Press.

“We are taking this step as an extreme precaution to prevent a worst-case scenario in Japan,” said Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida. According to him, the corresponding measure will come into force on Tuesday.

The head of the country's government urged citizens to continue to adhere to basic anti-epidemic measures, including wearing masks.

Note that Japan has softened the crossing conditions border only at the beginning of this month, allowing entry of business representatives with short-term visas, as well as foreign students and employees.

Meanwhile, the World Health Organization recommends refraining from any overreaction until Omicron is thoroughly studied.

However, despite calls from WHO, a number of countries have already limited the crossing of their borders. Thus, Israel decided to ban the entry of foreigners, and Morocco decided to suspend all incoming flights for two weeks on Monday.

The United States also announced its intention to ban travel from South Africa and seven other African countries. “This will give us a period of time to increase our preparedness,” explained the country's chief infectious disease specialist, Anthony Fauci.

Omicron has already been found in Europe and North America. In particular, on Sunday, 13 cases of the new COVID-19 strain were recorded in the Netherlands, and two each in Canada and Australia.

November 26, World Health Organization qualified a new strain of SARS coronavirus- CoV-2, dubbed Omicron, is of concern. This variant was first discovered in early November in South African countries.

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