Johnson could be the next NATO Secretary General – media

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Johnson could be the next general secretary NATO – media

Recently resigned British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may become the next Secretary General of NATO.

Relevant changes may already occur in September next year, when the current head of the Alliance leaves his post.

This is reported by The Telegraph.

It is noted that Johnson has long been considered for the post of NATO Secretary General due to US distrust of the EU leaders who lead the Alliance. In addition, senior leaders of the British Conservative Party also support Johnson's candidacy for Secretary General.

For example, MP Mark Francois is convinced that Johnson's political legacy will be controversial for many years. At the same time, the only thing that will definitely remain indisputable is the absolute unwavering support of Ukraine.

“If he (Johnson – ed.) applied for the post of Secretary General of NATO, I suspect that he could rely on President Zelensky in terms of recommendations,” Francois said.

At the same time, the former Lord Dunnutt, commander of the British Army, said that he would not support Johnson's candidacy because of his character.

“Undoubtedly, he did a lot of good things, and our full support for Ukraine is fantastic. But I'm afraid it's personal things, lack of honesty, lack of trust. Honestly, we do not want to put Boris Johnson on the international stage for new ridicule. He is a disgrace to the nation, “Dannatt said.

The publication notes that not all EU countries approve of the candidacy Johnson. So, if Johnson submits his application for the post of NATO Secretary General, he will face a French veto, since decisions in the Alliance are made unanimously.

Note that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who resigns in early September, plans to lead the British government for the second time. He is sure that the coming to power of any successor could be a disaster for the Conservative Party.


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