Johnson urged Russia to treat captured Briton humanely


Johnson urged Russia Treat captured British humanely

Johnson urged Russia to treat captured British humanely/AFP

Prime Minister Great Britain Boris Johnson appealed to Russia with an appeal to show condolences to the British captive Aiden Aslin.

He added that the soldier voluntarily served in the Ukrainian army and is not a mercenary. It is known that a few years earlier Aslin joined the Ukrainian marines,

What Boris Johnson said

Johnson urged the Russian side to treat the British soldier ” humanely” and show “sympathy”.

Despite the fact that we actively discourage people from going into the conflict arena, I understand that he served in the Ukrainian forces for some time, and his position is very different from that of a mercenary,” Johnson said in a speech to Parliament.

What is known about prisoners from Britain:

  • In addition to Aslin, another Briton is in Russian captivity – Sean Pinner.
  • According to Johnson, Britain will not help Russia by exchanging prisoners for Medvedchuk.
  • Earlier, both prisoners appeared on Russian television with a request to exchange them for Viktor Medvedchuk.
  • Oxana Marchenko, Medvedchuk's wife, spoke about the agreements with Britain. She stated that she approached Boris Johnson with a proposal to initiate the exchange.

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