Jurassic creatures found in the Pacific

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Jurassic creatures found in the Pacific

French biologists have discovered in the South Pacific Ocean a species of sea creatures previously unknown to science – ophiura. Reported by the Proceedings of the Royal Society B.

The creature Ophiojura exbodi has eight “tentacles” about ten centimeters long, each with thorns.

Their colony lived on a seamount at a depth of more than 480 meters. According to scientists, over the past 180 million years, since the early Jurassic period, they have not changed in any way.

The structure of sea stars seemed unusual to specialists: they have no analogues among modern species. Scientists compared the sample with early Jurassic fossils found in northern France and found similarities. DNA analysis showed that about 180 million years ago, Ophiojura exbodi split from its closest relative.

Previously, Rambler reported that extraterrestrial matter was found in the ocean.

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