Kadyrov explained what kind of mysterious device he wears on his finger (video)

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Kadyrov explained what kind of mysterious device he wears on his finger (video)

He assured that he was completely healthy and had one hundred percent vision.

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov assured that the gadget he wears on his finger is supposedly a prayer counter, not a medical device.

Kadyrov spoke about this in a video on his telegram channel.

The report says that the device has caused a lot of discussion and versions: a panic button, a medical device, a mysterious device.

“Even enemies think that this is some kind of medical device. Look, I have an electronic counter. I read prayers . So let's not “drive” there. I am an absolutely healthy person,” the leader of Chechnya said in a video message.

He also added that he has 100% vision and expressed confidence in some kind of victory.

A message on Kadyrov's channel specifies that the leader of Chechnya always wears this supposedly “electronic counter” when he is awake: “I read salavats in honor of our beloved prophet Muhammad. The counter allows me to see how many times I have read them.”

Recall that the publication Bild in early March announced serious health problems with Kadyrov. In recent months, he has noticeably recovered and looks very edematous. And at one of the last meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin, a device similar to a pulse oximeter was noticed on the finger of the leader of Chechnya.

In addition, during a meeting with the Russian dictator, it was clear that Kadyrov was reading the text from a piece of paper, which was printed in very large letters. This is likely due to vision problems.

Military expert Oleg Zhdanov believes that Kadyrov has acute kidney failure and that he may have been poisoned by the Russian FSB.

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