Kadyrov wants Chechen security forces to act as “judges” in the occupied territories


Kadyrov wants the Chechen security forces to act as < /p>

Ramzan Kadyrov reacted to the new requirement of the Russian command to shave off the beards of soldiers. Putin's henchman began to talk about religion.

In particular, Putin's head of Chechnya claims that the participation of his militants in the war in Ukraine allegedly takes place on “clearly expressed religious grounds.” By doing this, he is trying to strengthen his reputation and the reputation of his own power base.

What Kadyrov said

As for the beard, Kadyrov believes that its ban allegedly demoralizes his fighters. Although he has previously spoken about the “religious” reasons for the participation of his militants in the war in Ukraine.

However, this time he went further and on January 20 published a video with a group of Chechen theologians completing their studies at the Russian University for Special Purposes in Grozny.

Ramzan Kadyrov noted that allegedly more than 300 qadis (judges and judges who apply Sharia law) and imams plan to undergo similar training and go to Ukraine.

Kadyrov may use qadis and imams in Ukraine to create social conditions for the long-term resettlement of the Muslim population from the Caucasus to the occupied regions of Ukraine, the ISW said.

According to their data, the likely inclusion of qadis in Chechen units that are deployed in Ukraine deserves attention. After all, the latterusually perform judicial functions in criminal and civil cases.

That is, American analysts at the Institute for the Study of War suggest that the presence of Qadis in Ukraine may indicate Kadyrov's intention that Chechen forces perform the main function of control in the occupied territories.

However, ISW has no evidence that Kadyrov has these are the plans.

Briefly about the function of the Kadyrovites in the war in Ukraine

  • Russian dictator Vladimir Putin uses the Kadyrovites to intimidate Russian soldiers. In particular, they are placed behind the Russian military. If they retreat, the Kadyrovites shoot them on the spot.
  • Literally on January 10, Alexander Lapin became the new commander of the ground forces in Russia. This became a kind of response to both the owner of the Wagnerists, Prigozhin, and Kadyrov. After all, they constantly criticized Lapin.
  • Alexander Musienko, head of the Center for Military Legal Research, explained that a fierce struggle continues in Putin's circles. In particular, now we should expect a response from Prigozhin and Kadyrov, who, according to the observer, will not leave this situation just like that.

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