Kadyrov will play his game, the observer said what he will do after the fall of the Putin regime


Kadyrov will play his game, – the observer said what he will do after the fall of Putin's regime

Ponomarev about Kadyrov's actions/Collage of 24 channel

Kremlin propaganda is probably causing the current head of the Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, to make nonsensical statements. In particular, to threaten Ukraine and NATO.


However, Kadyrov is not a limited person and understands what he is doing. Russian politician and international observer Ilya Ponomarev told about this for Channel 24.

“There are certain Caucasian traditions and temperament that push him to express loyalty to the Kremlin, but this does not determine anything. I think when it starts (destabilization in Russia – Channel 24), then Kadyrov will play his game 100%,” Molchanov said.

the Kremlin is afraid Kadyrov

Ponomarev said that when the Kremlin falls, Kadyrov will be the first to declare his independence. He noted that the Kremlin elite is afraid of the head of the Chechen Republic.

They understand that not a single Russian special service will protect. The Chechens have the brakes to act, and everyone knows it,” the observer said.

Discredit Chechnya

Russia uses in the war against representatives of indigenous peoples. In particular, the Chechens. According to political analyst Mikhail Basarab, the Kremlin thus wants to make it impossible for any liberation movements in the territory it now controls. Vladimir Putin decided to make the Chechens one of the main attackers in Ukraine, stain them with blood and show the greatest atrocities.

“Chechnya is the most painful place for Putin on the map of Russia. It is a region that will be the first to start his national liberation struggle,” the political scientist believes.

Pay attention – political scientist Mikhail Basarab about Chechnya: watch the video

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