KamAZ with Russian military overturned near Belgorod: there are seriously injured


KamAZ with Russian military overturned near Belgorod: some seriously injured

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">A Russian military KamAZ overturned near Russian Belgorod. Russian invaders mobilized for the war in Ukraine were traveling in it.

Russia took all of them to fight, but could not even take them to the front because of “unfavorable road conditions.” Previously, the Russian media reported that several mobilized enemies were wounded, Channel 24 writes.

What happened to the Russian KamAZ

On the morning of January 27, in the Belgorod region, a military KamAZ drove off the road and overturned. According to preliminary data, the accident with KamAZ occurred due to adverse road conditions – the driver lost control in thick fog on the road, after which the car overturned into a ditch, propagandists write.

According to preliminary data, the truck skidded precisely so he flipped over. Russian emergency services worked at the scene of the incident.

Russian soldiers were wounded before reaching the front

According to propagandists, six mobilized Russian soldiers were injured in the accident. However, given the tendency to conceal casualties in Russia, the number of wounded could be much higher.

The Russians had previously said that the four wounded enemies were from the Tver region. The victims with serious injuries were taken to a hospital in Belgorod. The enemies even provided a list of the wounded:

  • Vitaly Bredikhin, 28 years old, Tver region;
  • Evgeny Baranov, 31 years old, Tver region;
  • Sergey Nazarov, 47, Nalchik (the capital of Kabardino-Balkaria);
  • Samid Tasharov, 28, Moscow region;
  • Denis Motorov, 38, Tver region;
  • Andrey Bekhter, 34, Tver region.

The Russians write that they are still investigating the details of the accident. However, in the Unified Duty Dispatch Service, they were confirmed that 6 mobilized enemies were wounded. who are trying to hide. That is why, according to our intelligence, the enemies carry mobile crematoria with them.

  • Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar said that approximately 5 crematoria are constantly moving in the rear of the advanced positions of the invaders. According to Malyar, cremations are carried out without any identification and accounting of the bodies of the deceased invaders.
  • As of the morning of January 27, the enemy lost 850 soldiers, a helicopter and many other equipment over the past day. Since February 24, 2023, the number of Russian personnel has decreased by 124 thousand 710 units.
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