Kamikaze drones could keep worries longer – Air Force


Kamikaze drones may cause alarms to last longer, – Air Force< /p>

Ukrainians need to be prepared for air raid alerts to continue for longer. All because of kamikaze drones.

Details were told by Yuri Ignat, the speaker of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, on the air of the telethon. The reason is the use of slow Iranian kamikaze drones.

In the course of the comment, Ignat said that at that time an air raid signal was announced in several regions of Ukraine. Kamikaze drones, which were recently brought to Belarus, “worked”.

Why did the alarms take so long? I will immediately explain to the residents of the western regions and others. Because the speed of the drone is not high – 120 – 150 kilometers per hour. And he flies for a long time and can correct the route. Consequently, the alarm will be somewhat longer,” Ignat said.

What is known about Iranian drones

Russia is actively using Iranian kamikaze drones for attacks. We are talking about Shahed-136 – unmanned aerial vehicles with a warhead. They differ in that they are capable of staying in the air for a long time in the standby mode in the target area, as well as quickly attacking when they receive a command from the operator.

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