Karma in action: a church burned in Russia, where Kirill blessed the invaders for the war against Ukraine


Karma in action: a church was on fire in Russia, where Kirill blessed the invaders for the war against Ukraine

The Feodorovskaya Church caught fire in Russian Kirov. It was in it that the occupiers were blessed before their campaign against Ukraine.

This is reported by the Russian media, informs Channel 24.Recall that on February 24, 2022, Patriarch Kirill cynically called on the Russian military to go to war, saying that they must be ready to “defend their people.”

A church was on fire in Russia< /h2>

As it became known, the Feodorovskaya Church was on fire in Kirov. The invaders were “baptized” there before their invasion of Ukraine.

Judging by the published footage, the main dome and drum of the church were completely destroyed, the glass on the windows was broken and the fence was damaged.

Well, karma works.

Consequences of a fire in a Russian church/photo by Russian media

How the Russian church burned: watch the video

Powerful fires in Russia: latest news

  • In the Irkutsk region on January 21 a fire broke out. Tanks with fuel, a fuel truck and 3 railway trains burned powerfully.
  • Recently, a three-level tugboat “Adler” was on fire in Moscow. A strong flame could be seen from afar.
  • A tent camp for mobilized people was burning in the Orenburg region. The Russians jumped out in their socks, because things burned down.
  • A market broke out in the Samara region. The fire could not be extinguished for about five hours.
  • A large-scale fire caught fire in the Rostov region. The building of a military unit burned to the ground.
  • And in St. Petersburg, the Bereg business center caught fire. The fire engulfed the warehouse. Employees of the business center on the street silently watched the fire, which, obviously, did not upset them at all.
  • By the way, on December 26, powerful explosions were heard at the Russian Engels airfield. In Russia, three people were killed. 4 more were injured.

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