Kazakhstan could become the first victim of Russia's imperial voluptuousness, – Piontkovsky


Kazakhstan could become the first victim of Russia's imperial voluptuousness, – Piontkovsky

Tokayev realized that Putin wants to appropriate Kazakhstan as well/Getty images

Kazakhstan is a more vulnerable target than Ukraine. Kazakhstan has a very polar population – the north of the country is populated by 90% Russians.

Publicist Andrey Piontkovsky spoke exclusively about this to Channel 24. He also noted that Kazakhstan could become the first state-victim of Russia's imperial lust. and consider him family. What can not be said about Kazakhstan, it was brilliantly used by Nazarbayev, – notes Piontkovsky.

It was under his presidency that they decided to move the capital to the north. Only in order to erase this striking ethnic and geographical difference, he adds.

The threat to Kazakhstan has been growing constantly, if this is not at the state level, then the leadership of Kazakhstan is well aware of this, Piontkovsky adds.< /p> Tokayev decided not to participate in these games anymore. After all, Kazakhstan has a guarantor of security – this is China.

“During this meeting, during which Putin shouted about imperial ambitions for more than an hour, Tokayev sat stone-faced, because he understood that Putin's imperial ambitions also concern Kazakhstan,” Andrey Piontkovsky noted.

Putin swiftly is losing the post-Soviet space from under its “control”, sums up Piontkovsky.

Kazakhstan supports the territorial integrity of Ukraine

The President of Kazakhstan noted support for the territorial integrity of Ukraine.

Kasim-Jomart Tokayev, explaining his statement at the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, noted that the main thing is territorial integrity. This is the reason why Kazakhstan will not recognize quasi-formations in the territories of the temporarily occupied Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Another sharp statement by Tokayev

Putin's supporter and head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov attacked members of the Organization treaty on collective security with the accusation that allegedly “Russia saved everyone”, but now the members of the CSTO are not helping her. Kadyrov also remembered the protests in Belarus and Kazakhstan, and the war in Nagorno-Karabakh. During this statement, Kadyrov was embarrassed again – they say that once the entire USSR fought against the leader of the OUN, Stepan Bandera.

However, Tokayev's answer was not long in coming. The President of Kazakhstan noted that during the protests in January 2022, the country was saved not by Russia, but by the CSTO. Therefore, according to the Kazakh president, the opinion that someone has obligations to Russia and must forever serve her and bow at her feet is wrong.

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