Key scenario: Zelensky predicted how the war in Ukraine could end


Key scenario: Zelensky predicted how the war in Ukraine might end

A war that has lasted almost a year is a valid mathematical model today. Its development at this stage depends on the tools available in Ukraine – a precisely defined number of weapons.

And also on when our state will receive these weapons. Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the OP, spoke about this.

We need weapons to implement the scenario

According to him, Ukraine has already provided the partner Alliance with the name of the necessary weapons, and their quantity, which will help win the war. And the date of the Victory and its scenario depends on how quickly our military will receive what is already needed.

The formula is simple: if you want the war to end as soon as possible, give Ukraine more of the weapons we ask for in a timely manner , the OP's adviser emphasized.

Key scenario for ending the war

Mikhail Podolyak also spoke. what prospects await Russia both in the short and long term.

So, in the near future, in his opinion, the aggressor country will resort to certain offensive actions. However, because of this, she will lose a lot of personnel, forces and means. Moreover, as part of the counteroffensive, which is being developed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it suffers several significant defeats.

And it is after this that the processes of decay and final demoralization in the Russian army will become irreversible. Podolyak stressed.

Further, the future of the terrorist country will become darker. Thus, the adviser to the OP predicts that the Russians will flee and get more and more 200s. Therefore, in his opinion, a wave of protests will sweep through the streets of Russia, which will now be not of a political, but of a social nature due to loved ones lost in the war. And the power verticals will weaken and begin to quickly decline.

At the same time, the crack in the environment of the Russian dictator will become more and more, and in the failures at the front they will look for those responsible. Subsequently, an uncontrolled political transformation will begin, and then disintegration. Some subjects of this state will get a chance to become independent and, according to Podolyak, will be able to do this.

At the final stage of this scenario, the new, temporarily formed government of Russia will begin real negotiations on:

    < li>responsibility for crimes in Ukraine,
  • demilitarization zones on the border,
  • significant compensation for killings and destruction.

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