Kherson region is ready for liberation: the escape route of the Russians is already known


Kherson region is ready for liberation: the escape route of Russians is already known

Kherson region will be liberated from Russian invaders/Channel 24 collage

The events in the temporarily occupied Crimea distracted many from what was happening in other bridgeheads. And, by the way, here and there sometimes there are very interesting movements that deserve special attention. And this is in some places – primarily Kherson region.


Snake taught nothing

The fact is that three weeks ago we could observe how the command of the Russian occupation forces, frightened by the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the right bank of the Kherson region, began to panic overturn the units of other bridgeheads to strengthen the Kherson region.

I, regularly commenting on this reflection of the Russians, noted that such movements are meaningless and more reminiscent of the suicidal mission of the Russian occupation troops, similar to the one they had on Zmeiny Island.

But the Russian occupation troops continued to saturate the right bank with forces and means, periodically even threatening some kind of attack on Nikolaev, Krivoy Rog and Zaporozhye.

But this week, interesting trends began to differ, namely, the main skeleton of the Russian occupation troops dug into the left bank and is in no hurry to fill the right bank location with their presence.

See the Dnieper and die

What's going on? It seems that the command of the Russian occupation troops has come to terms with the fact that they cannot hold the right bank with the current inferior control and support system. In fact, they resigned themselves to the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will de-occupy this part of the Kherson region.

Of course, they cannot just take it and leave, beyond the swamps they will not understand such a frank gesture of goodwill, and therefore they will imitate desperate resistance and other convulsions. But what they set themselves as a goal is to gain a foothold and dig in on the left bank.

And here's how not to remember: when they asked me how the Kherson region would leave, I always said – through the Zaporozhye region. It seems that everything is heading towards this.

The Russian occupation troops will be driven back beyond the Dnieper or drowned in the Dnieper. The right bank will be completely under the control of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which will greatly facilitate our counter-offensive actions in the Donbass bridgehead and movement in the Zaporozhye region to the south and south-west.

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