Kidnapped, thrown into the basement and tortured: Russians in the Lugansk region conduct mobilization raids


Kidnapped, thrown into the basement and tortured: Russians in the Luhansk region conduct mobilization raids

Russians in the Luhansk region are looking for volunteers for the war/Air Force

In the occupied part of the Lugansk region, Russian invaders continue to organize mobilization raids. Thus, they are trying to replenish the losses in manpower, which the Ukrainian defenders and defenders liquidate daily.

This was told by the sources of Channel 24 in intelligence. According to them, men aged 18 to 60 were detained right on the streets and taken to occupied Luhansk.

Similar incidents were recorded in Krasnodon and Rovenki. The intelligence explained that the actual abduction of people was carried out by professional Russian military men. Even those men who had a certificate of unfitness for military service could not avoid large-scale mobilization raids.

Men were tortured

In order to “persuade” the inhabitants of the occupied Luhansk region to take up arms and fight against Ukraine, the Russians tortured them. In particular, they were thrown into basements, beaten, and after 2 days they received from all the mobilized “consent” to become “volunteers”.

and in order to avoid riots, they are not immediately thrown to the front, but first they are beaten,” intelligence sources said.

We add that, according to intelligence officers, mobilization in the quasi-republic of the “LPR” has temporarily stopped. But this lull lasted only 1.5 weeks. Now the wave of mobilization has begun again.

Mobilization in Russia: what is known

In Russia itself, a general mobilization, which everyone has been talking about since the beginning of a full-scale invasion, has not yet been announced. At the same time, as military expert Alexander Musienko said, partial covert mobilization continues in the killer country, despite the fact that the general one has not been publicly announced.

According to the military expert, to one degree or another mobilization continues and, of course, not in full force. In Russia, they are trying to determine the amount of “cannon fodder” and are thinking about reservists.

The Kremlin is coming up with scenarios for how to attract reservists. Even through job search sites they offer contract service and salary. Headhunters are trying to find someone (for the war – 24 channels), Musienko said.

Pay attention! Since February 24, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have managed to eliminate 34,430 infidels. Only in a day our defenders destroyed 200 enemies. The enemy suffered the greatest losses in the Bakhmut direction.

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