Kiev region was attacked by X-55 rocket: debris was taken out of the lake


Kyiv region was attacked with Kh-55 rocket: fragments were pulled from the lake

< p _ngcontent-sc100="" class="news-annotation">Russian troops attacked the Kiev region with an X-55 missile today. Its wreckage was removed from a lake in one of the districts of the Kiev region.

This was announced by the head of the police region Andriy Nebitov. He noted that this is yet another evidence of the crimes of the Russian army and the excellent results of the work of the air defense forces. Nebitov

According to him, the police are examining the scene.

What is known about the X-55 missile

These are cruise missiles designed for nuclear strikes. Instead of a regular special warhead, a simulator is installed in them. The X-55 flies at subsonic speeds at extremely low altitudes, avoiding the terrain.

Russia attacked Kyiv and the region on January 26: the main thing

  • 26 January, the Russian invaders fired about 20 rockets at the capital. Air defense forces shot them all down. Fragments of enemy missiles were found on the territory of several districts of the region.
  • In the Kyiv region, the enemy damaged civilian infrastructure, as well as private and residential buildings.
  • In addition, there was a hit on the territory of the Kyiv region into an energy facility.

Pay attention! Today, Russia launched its 12th massive missile attack on Ukraine. As a result of the attack, 11 people are known to have died and 11 others were injured.

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