Kim Jong-un's sister threatened the US with war: what could lead to this


Kim Jong-un's sister threatened the US with war: what could lead to this

Relations between China and the US are strained. Kim Jong Un's sister threatened the United States with war.

China could go to war with the US if a North Korean ballistic missile is destroyed in the Pacific Ocean. This statement was made by the sister of the leader of the DPRK, Kim Yo-jong.

Kim Jong-un's sister threatens US with war

If our test launch of strategic weapons, which is carried out in the high seas and the region outside the jurisdiction of the United States, without harming the security of surrounding countries, is followed by a military response as an interception, then this will be a clear declaration of war against the DPRK, Zhong said.

She noted that in the event of an expansion of demonstrative military operations by the United States and South Korea, the DPRK army will respond to this. Kim Jong-un's sister also reminded them that they have a “norm of military action in such a situation.”

US-China conflict: what is known

  • The United States shot down a Chinese reconnaissance balloon over its territory. It was not possible to do this immediately, because they were waiting for the moment.
  • The ball was “landed” off the coast of South Carolina with the help of an F-22 fighter that fired an Aim-9X Sidewinder missile. The so-called spy exploded, and the contents of the ball fell.
  • Beijing expressed outrage at the actions of the United States. The Chinese Foreign Ministry assured that the airship is intended for civilian use.
  • After the incident with the downed balloon, the United States began to take a more active approach to the issue of Chinese spying in the country. In particular, Washington suspects that Beijing may use cargo port cranes for this.

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