Kinder Joy has released an online children's game “Jurassic World”

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Kinder Joy has released an online children's game

Here the child will have exciting adventures in the prehistoric world.

For the first time, the Kinder Joy brand has implemented a digital project – an online game “Jurassic World” for children over 7 years old . The new development will help dinosaur lovers immerse themselves in the exciting world of the Jurassic period.

Here the child will meet adventures, become an explorer, learn a lot of interesting things about prehistoric creatures and make unique discoveries.

During the game, children will be able to get their own dinosaurs, which will be looked after, fed and trained. There is also something to do for young paleontologists – participation in informative and fascinating excavations. Here you can search for fossil parts of dinosaurs and even compete in this with other participants in the game online!

The game “Jurassic World” does not require installation – just scan the QR code on the insert from the package.

In addition, Kinder Joy presented its new collection of toys from the Jurassic World series, which features dinosaur figures and themed gadget toys for children (eg smartphone stand, phone filter).

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