Klitschko met with a group of senior advisers to the US Congress and urged to increase the supply of weapons


Klitschko met with a group of senior advisers to the US Congress and urged to increase the supply of weapons

Vitali Klitschko met with senior advisers to the US Congress in the capital's mayor's office. The group of politicians was led by Herman Pirchner, president of the American Foreign Policy Council, an influential Republican strategist and author of the book “After Putin”.

During the meeting, Klitschko called for increased military support for Ukraine and an accelerated supply of weapons.< /p>

“We must not allow Putin to get a breather, regroup and strike again. Therefore, we call on our friends to understand the importance of strengthening support for Ukraine right now. This concerns increasing the supply of modern weapons, the volume of economic and financial assistance, even more severe sanctions against Russia. The Ukrainians surprised the world heroism, but we need weapons to win!” – emphasized Vitali Klitschko.

He stressed that Putin's goal has not changed – the Kremlin horde wants to destroy the Ukrainian state and purposefully carries out the genocide of Ukrainians. But Ukraine is fighting not only for its freedom, independence and democratic choice. On the battlefields in Ukraine, the future of Europe is resolved. Therefore, only a common victory can ensure the stability, peace and prosperity of the European continent and the world as a whole.

Our struggle is a contribution to the security of the United States. I want to emphasize again: we are sincerely grateful to the United States and our other Western friends for the practical support of the Ukrainian people in the war against the Russian aggressor. We recognize that this support requires significant effort from our partners. However, it should be understood that the fight against Russian barbarians will require additional efforts from both Ukraine and its allies,” Klitschko stressed.

Klitschko met with senior advisers to the US Congress/Photo Kyiv City Council

The American delegation, in particular, was interested in how Vitali Klitschko sees the restoration of Ukraine after the end of the war, in which sectors at the municipal level it is necessary to continue the transformation. They also touched upon the issues of the current internal situation in Ukraine and the necessary support of our state.

What is known about the US delegation

Senior advisers are representatives of the “think tank” of the US Congress and influence the formation of US policy towards Ukraine. Therefore, this visit on the eve of the start of the preparation of the US budget for 2024 is very important. Also, its significance is due to changes in the composition of the US Congress. Indeed, in the context of ongoing Russian aggression, it is important to maintain bipartisan support for Ukraine by American partners.

In addition to German Pirchner, the delegation also included6

  • senior adviser Committee on Foreign Relations of the US Senate Anna Thoburn,
  • Senior Advisor, Helsinki Committee of the US Congress, Alex Tirsky,
  • Founder and President, L. Brent Bozel III Center for Media Studies,
  • Former Deputy Secretary of Defense and Member of the Advisory Board of the American Foreign Policy Council William Schneider, Jr.
  • Director of Foreign Affairs of the American Foreign Policy Council Annie Swingen
  • Senior Fellow for European and Eurasian Affairs E. Wayne Mary,
  • Director of the Washington Office of the Center for U.S.-Ukrainian Relations (CUSUR) Nikolai Gritskovian,
  • Senior Fellow for US Foreign Policy at the American Foreign Policy Council Lawrence J. Haas.

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