Kolnikov collaborator dies after blowing up car in Berdyansk – Russian media


The collaborator of wheelers died, the car with which was blown up in Berdyansk, – rossmi

In occupied Berdyansk, collaborator Alexander Kolesnikov probably died on August 26. The car of the “deputy head” of the local traffic police was blown up.

At first, the collaborator was taken to the hospital with shrapnel wounds, channel 24 reports. However, then the propaganda media reported his death. The information was also confirmed by a number of Ukrainian resources and telegram channels.

Car explosion

Residents of Berdyansk said that the explosion occurred on Matrosov Lane, near the DOC “Dzerzhinets”. The windows blew out from the explosion, but the car did not catch fire.

It was noted that the deputy head of the traffic police of the occupation “police” of the chariots was driving in the car.

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