Kolomoisky seeks to return to big politics with the help of Dunda and Dubinsky, – expert


Kolomoisky seeks to return to big politics with the help of Dunda and Dubinsky, expert< /p>

Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky wants to return to big politics, in particular, to regain influence in parliament, through the popular deputies Igor Palitsa, Alexander Dubinsky and Oleg Dundu.

Blogger and political expert Svetlana Kushnir wrote about this in a new article.

“The odious oligarch Igor Kolomoisky intends to assemble a new group of his own deputies in parliament and blackmail the authorities. In fact, he will take a “golden share” that will be able to put pressure on decision-making. And if Bankova managed to stop such attempts earlier by simply excluding Alexander Dubinsky from the faction, now Kolomoisky strikes back, with the help of Igor Palitsa (from whom right now the people of Kiev are trying to take away the historical estate of Tereshchenko, which he is destroying), Oleg Dunda and the same Dubinsky,” Kushnir said.

According to the expert, the oligarch's goal is to put together a group of 15-18 “bayonets” from deputies, mainly Servant of the People, and demand preferences for his business.

The main puppeteer will Kolomoisky, Palitsa and Dubinsky are performers. But to do this, they need to bring down the Opposition Platform for Life, which are now voting in unison with the authorities. In this regard, Oleg Dunda was elected to the role of a “sheep”, who should publicly go to the ram of the Opposition Platform for Life, leading a high-profile process of fighting against its people in the SN.

“And this is very interesting! Because this is a vivid example of a fairly common trend now, when people, as if struggling with something, actually find themselves fully involved in it. Because Oleg Dunda, posing as a great” wrestler with collaborators”, and in 2014 he himself was one of the main financiers of the “anti-Maidan” in the Kyiv region and was up to his neck in the “Rigov” swamp,” the expert recalled.

She stressed that this connection was not torn so far by giving a relevant example.

“Already in 2022, during the celebrations of Independence Day in Fastov, Dunda personally handed gratitude to the disgraced deputy of the Fastov City Council from the Opposition Platform for Life, Yulia Pasichnyuk, thanks. For six months the war has been going on, tens of thousands of dead, and he is not ashamed to congratulate those who invited Russia to Ukraine”.

In my opinion, after all this, Dunda should be expelled from the Rada. And not only him. After all, investigative journalists have repeatedly written about the connection of Dubinsky, Palitsa, Dunda and a number of other people's deputies with Kolomoisky. There were whole investigations that they even had reception rooms located in his Millennium business center. It was reported that these people's deputies are actually on the salary of the oligarch. In my opinion, there is no place for oligarchic service in the parliament of a free country either, – Svetlana Kushnir stated. This happened in the premises of NABU. According to investigators, the interrogation took place on October 4.

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