Kremlin propaganda begins preparing Russians for 'difficult decision'


Kremlin propaganda has begun preparing Russians for the 'hard decision'

They just won't go away. On the right bank (Kherson – Channel 24) they have several thousand soldiers. They do not want to die, although they have to.

The mousetrap has closed

It is impossible to evacuate them quickly – bridges, as Armageddonich himself said (the new commander called “SVO” of the occupiers Sergei Surovikin – Channel 24), no. And this is a fact, which means there is no way to retreat.

“Butcher” Surovikin does not even hide the fact that a stalemate is developing for the invaders in the Kherson region/Channel 24 Collage

And to them need to pick up tanks and stolen items. That is, the trend is clear, but how it will be implemented is not entirely clear!

Optimal – this is captivity. You won't be able to cross the Dnieper and survive.

Retreat is also a victory: Kremlin propaganda began to prepare Russians for a “difficult decision”.

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