Kremlin urges its agents to organize anti-government protests in France and Belgium, media


Kremlin urges its agents to organize anti-government protests in France and Belgium, media

Ukraine will receive fighter jets from Poland and Slovakia. This step can push other allies of our state. And they are trying to prevent this in Russia, shaking the situation in Europe.

According to journalists, the Russian special services have already received instructions from the Kremlin. According to him, they should use their agents of influence in France and Belgium. Their task is to organize anti-Ukrainian rallies that would put sticks in the wheels of supplying us with fighters.

Several anti-Ukrainian actions are already being prepared

It is known that Russian propaganda can use footage of rallies in France, the cause of which was the pension reform. Suitable videos can be used by an aggressor country to provoke massive pro-Kremlin protests. Meanwhile, the organizers of anti-Ukrainian rallies will do everything to gather their few “supporters” near the epicenters of anti-government actions.

According to available information, the Kremlin's special services plan to support the holding of three anti-Ukrainian actions at once;

  • in Paris on March 18;
  • in Toulouse on March 19;
  • in Brussels on April 4th.

Attention! These protests are a response to Poland's decision to transfer the first 4 Soviet-style MiG-29 fighters to Ukraine.

The organizers are Russian henchmen

Former close associate of Marine Le Pen, French politician Florian Filippo addressed his subscribers. He called on March 18 to take part in a rally in Paris. Like, such an act of Poland allegedly involves the EU and NATO in a war with Russia.

Journalists remind that in February 2023, Filippo already organized something similar. Then he was the initiator of the demonstration, which was held under the slogans: “No to a third world war!”, “Get out of NATO”, “No to the supply of weapons to Ukraine.” Then the Russian media actively reported about this event.

But the organizer of the protests in Toulouse and Brussels was the head of the Pyrenean organization Russophonie. We are talking about 39-year-old citizen of France and Russia Anna Novikova. During the demonstrations, which will be held under the slogan #StopKillingDonbass and against the supply of weapons to Ukraine, the Kremlin's henchmen will be present. We are talking about the so-called journalists and observers who covered events in the interests of Moscow when they were in the temporarily occupied territories.

Interestingly, the protesters will demand from both French and European politicians to take into account their electronic petition. It calls for the lifting of sanctions against Russia.

By the way, not only Poland will give us the MiG-29. On March 17, the corresponding decision was made by Slovakia. From it, our state will receive 13 aircraft.

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