Kuleba announced a new meeting of the Rammstein format


Kuleba announced a new meeting of the Rammstein format

Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said that the next meeting in the Ramstein format on armed support to Ukraine will be held soon.

The Foreign Minister spoke about this during an online briefing on January 4. He stressed that Ukraine has many hopes for this meeting.

We look forward to new decisions on defense support from partners. The next meeting in the Ramstein format will take place soon. It will be very important for the announcement of new decisions,” the minister said.

What weapons does Ukraine plan to receive

Kuleba also named the types of weapons that the Ukrainian military needs most of all now. First of all, these are air and missile defense systems and ammunition for them.

We will negotiate not only on new Patriot batteries, but also on the supply of new NASAMS, IRIS-T, Crotal systems,” the minister stressed.

According to him, Ukraine also expects to receive additional Gepard and Vulcan anti-aircraft installations, Stinger-type man-portable air defense systems, as well as artillery shells of all calibers.

Dmitry Kuleba noted that Ukraine is now working with partners to reach a new level of providing the armed forces with artillery systems and armored vehicles of all types.

“Even children in Ukraine ask to bring a leopard under the Christmas tree. And we understand that children think not only about toy leopards. We not only think about it, but also work very hard,” Kuleba added.

What is known about the new “Rammstein”

  • Alexander Solontai, director of practical policy programs at the Institute of Political Education, noted that important decisions should be expected from the new Ramstein. In his opinion, there will be positive and good news in the second half of January.
  • At the meeting, a decision must be made on the provision of the Ukrainian army, since the renewal of the resources that Ukraine spends is very sharply on the agenda.

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