Kuleba explained that he “sometimes upsets” in negotiations with Ukraine's partners


Kuleba explained that he

Kuleba rozpovіv, scho yogo zamuchuє/MZS of Ukraine

Dmytro Kuleba noted that Ukraine manages to achieve its goals. Everyone works as a team. The minister stressed that every day they “dig the ground, gnaw metal and crush stone.”

The head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry assured that all the walls would be destroyed. Kuleba admitted that there is only one thing that really upsets him, channel 24 reports.

This is that sometimes it takes too much time to convince partners of something . But we convince them,” Kuleba emphasized.

The Foreign Minister noted that the partners have this argument: they cannot give Ukraine Western weapons, because it takes a long time to learn from it.

However, Kuleba stressed that 2 months of the war showed that Ukrainians are much faster able to master new types of weapons than partner states are able to make a decision on the provision of such weapons. But this wall was also broken.

Kuleba on threats of nuclear war

Kuleba also noted that Russia is already threatening nuclear war. The minister added: a lot of emotions are pouring from Russia, because the occupying country understands that things are not going to win.

The Foreign Minister stressed that there is no need to be afraid. Kuleba said that he was talking about this to the partner countries. Ukraine is not afraid of Russia, and they should not be afraid.

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