Kuril Islands will protect “missile” T-72B3

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Kuril Islands will protect

The Kuril Islands will be protected by “missile” T-72B3 tanks, Izvestia newspaper reports, citing sources in the Defense Ministry.

It is noted that the main advantage of such combat vehicles is the combination of optoelectronic sights and guided missiles fired from the barrel. On the Kuril Islands, the T-72B3 can be used to destroy enemy assault forces and small enemy ships.

Re-equipment with new equipment and its development will take up to two years. “The T-72B3 is a fairly modern vehicle. Compared to the base version, this version is equipped with an increased power engine, a thermal imaging sight, an improved fire and communication control system, and additional protection, “said Russian military expert Alexei Khlopotov.

In July, more than half a thousand tankers from the Central Military District mastered underwater driving in T-72B3 tanks in the Orenburg region.

In February Khlopotov said that the T-72B3 was inferior in its capabilities to the Ukrainian modernized T-64BV. The specialist called the Russian combat vehicle a “tank for the poor”: “If what Kharkiv residents are doing with the T-64BV now is called a” tank for the poor “, then the” famous “Russian T-72B3s in their mass configuration are generally a” tank for the poor ” “.

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