Kyiv excluded from the list of territories of possible hostilities


Kyiv has been excluded from the list of possible hostilities

At the end of 2022, the Government adopted Decree No. 1364. It defines the territories where hostilities are (were) under Russian occupation.< /strong>

As noted, this list is periodically updated by the relevant order of the Ministry of Reintegration. On January 20, the department reported that Kyiv was excluded from the list of territories of possible hostilities.

When the order came into force

Order No. 14 of 13 January 2023, changes were made to the List of territories where hostilities are (were) conducted or temporarily occupied by Russia. According to the order, the city of Kyiv is excluded from the list of territories of possible hostilities. This order of the Ministry of Reintegration was registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on January 16, 2023. It should be added that the Ministry of Reintegration approves the order in agreement with the Ministry of Defense on the basis of proposals from the relevant regional, Kyiv city military administrations.

Russia and Belarus began joint exercises: briefly

  • Joint military exercises of Belarus and Russia began on January 16. They happen almost constantly after the Russian troops withdrew from Ukraine at the beginning of the war.
  • Supposedly because of this, Russia continues to dump military equipment into Belarus. In particular, on Sunday, January 15, at least 8 fighters flew to the military airfield in Baranovichi.
  • Joint tactical flight training of aviation units of the Belarusian and Russian Armed Forces, which are part of the regional grouping of forces, started near the Ukrainian border. The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reacted to this.

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