Lack of weapons and criminal orders: Russian conscripts massively complain to Putin – WP


Lack of weapons and criminal orders: Russian conscripts massively complain to Putin - WP

It is no secret that the leadership of a terrorist country treats its own mobilized as consumables, because you can always call on more from a multi-million population. It is not surprising that the invaders themselves are increasingly complaining about criminal orders.

Cases and recordings of video messages to the Russian dictator Putin himself have become more frequent. In them, the occupiers, in particular, whine about the lack of support and experience to participate in hostilities, and at the same time cowardly hide their face and sometimes their voices.

Lack of experience, weapons and losses – what the occupiers complain about

So, according to Russian media, over the past month, conscripts from at least 16 regions of Russia have recorded videos calling for Putin's intervention, and in general they began to appear from the beginning of the so-called partial mobilization. In them, the invaders complained that they had to go to the front line without the necessary weapons, ammunition and ammunition, without the necessary training or experience.

So, during the third video message, conscripts from the Irkutsk unit complained that they were simply “sent to be slaughtered.” In other appeals, the invaders emphasize that “people are dying for nothing.”

We are not meat. We are ready to fight with dignity, and not like meat, in frontal attacks,” the Russian said in a video message.

The occupiers also complain about insane losses during the assaults, during which their brothers die en masse and are injured. At the same time, in their video messages, the mobilized occupiers use such phrases as “criminal orders” and “senseless attacks.”

Moreover, they call on Putin and the mothers and wives of the mobilized to intervene, allegedly not realizing that he is one of the main villains and causes of the unleashed war.

At the same time, in none of the videos do Russians protest specifically against the war. Not a single conscript or unit openly condemned the war. In most of the videos, recruits emphasize that they have been given military service and want to continue fighting for Russia, but conditions need to be improved for this.

Tactics of the “meat shaft” and the problems of the Russians

As noted in the Washington Post, such a flurry of video messages signals that, firstly, in the first year of a full-scale war, the problems of the occupiers have not been resolved. In particular, the occupiers have critical supply problems, which has led to the arming of soldiers even with weapons and uniforms from the Second World War.

These conscripts do not serve of their own free will. They are not properly trained and do not have the proper equipment. Clearly, Russia is using its limited sources to arm and equip its best units, said Rob Lee, a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute in New York.

Secondly, the Kremlin uses the so-called “meat rampart” tactics, in which it first sends waves of its own people under bullets to certain death in order to deplete the Ukrainian military, and only after them – the experienced military. Moreover, since Russia has lost some of its original artillery superiority, it is increasingly resorting to such actions. In particular, it became the hallmark of the months-long assault on Bakhmut by a group of Wagner mercenaries.

It is curious that such tactics are criticized even by pro-Russian military bloggers. They doubt its effectiveness and claim ridiculous human losses.

The reaction of the leadership and Putin is expected

Of course, these video messages are like a call into the void. Russian officials remain noticeably silent, and along with them, for the most part, Putin. When he opens his mouth, he traditionally tries to bleach himself.

For example, in November 2022, during a mock meeting with ostensibly soldier mothers, Putin expressed concern about how mobilization and war are perceived. Moreover, he stressed that “you should not completely trust the Internet, because it is full of various fakes, deceit and lies.”

Therefore, he does not care what the mobilized invaders record there, because their business is to die en masse for the ambitions of the king.

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