Lambrecht is blamed for the failure of Leopard's “inventory” before resignation: Spiegel has a different version


Lambrecht blamed for Leopard 'inventory' failure before retirement: Spiegel – has a different version

A new scandal is brewing in Germany. Former Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht is accused of banning an inventory of Leopard tanks on the eve of his resignation.

This is reported by the media, citing sources in the German Defense Ministry. The former minister believed that the inventory would put additional pressure on Chancellor Olaf Scholz.

Why Lambrecht might have blocked the inventory

Ministry of Defense officials believe that Christine Lambrecht could have banned the inventory of tanks because if it became known that the Bundeswehr was conducting it, then this could be interpreted as a readiness to transfer the Leopard to Ukraine.

The ex-minister herself did not respond to a reporter's request on the matter. However, if this is nevertheless true, then at the time of the Ramstein, at which everyone was waiting for a decision on tanks, Berlin simply did not know how many they had in stock.

The media notes that if the information about Lambrecht blocking the inventory of tanks is reliable, then this will require explanations from both the ex-minister and the government led by Scholz.

Another edition says that Germany has already chosen the tanks that it can transfer, but there is a “but”

Der Spiegel reports that Berlin could already choose 19 tanks to provide to Ukraine. According to media reports, the German Ministry of Defense has a detailed list of various Leopard models as of early summer 2022. According to this list, Berlin has 312 Leopard-2 tanks of various modifications, of which 99 are under maintenance and repair, and one more is to be disposed of. That is, there are 212 absolutely serviceable tanks, including models 2A5, 2A6, 2A7 and 2A7B.

As of May 22, 2022, there were 53 Leopard 2A7V units in the German army. Media sources report that in order to provide Ukraine in the event of a positive decision, the Bundeswehr chose 19 Leopard 2A5 models, which are used in exercises to simulate enemy maneuvers. However, the military says that it is better not to use this model. The reason is precisely that Germany uses it only for training purposes.

However, by approving the decision to provide 19 tanks from its own stocks, Berlin will actually give the green light to all countries that have Leopards in service to transfer them Ukraine.

The Bundestag criticizes Scholz for delaying the supply of tanks

Member of the Bundestag and Chairman of the Defense Committee Marie-Agyness Strack-Zimmermann called the delay in the decision to provide tanks to Ukraine a complete failure of Germany . Separately, she criticized Olaf Scholz, saying that he communicates terribly with the public on this important issue.

Shtrak-Zimmerman is sure that Germany should allow partners to provide Leopard tanks to Ukraine and noted that there are about 3,000 of them in Europe units. That is, the provision of even a small number of these tanks would be a powerful signal.

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