Large convoy of Russian troops marching towards Donbass – CNN


Large column of Russian troops heading towards Donbass, – CNN

Column of Russian troops heading towards Donbass/CNN

Near the village of Matveev Kurgan, Rostov region, they noticed a large column of Russian military equipment. It is moving northwest towards Donbass.

CNN has geolocated a video posted on social networks on Monday, April 11. It shows a large convoy of Russian military equipment in the Rostov region.

CNN quoted interior minister adviser Vadim Denisenko as saying that the Russian offensive in the Ukrainian Donbas has “already begun” and Russia continues to build up forces in the region .

From my point of view, this great offensive (in the East – ed.) has already begun. We must understand that this will not be a repeat of February 24, when the first airstrikes and explosions began. The big de facto offensive has already begun,” he said.

Ukrainian and Western diplomats said that in recent days they have observed the redeployment of Russian troops to the Donbass after serious failures by the occupiers to take Kyiv.

K In a word, the Deputy Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Anna Malyar, on the air of Channel 24, emphasized that the minimum combat goals of Russia now are the geographical borders of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Therefore, the situation in Donbass is very tense, active battles do not stop there.

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