Largest ever cocaine consignment confiscated in UK

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Largest ever cocaine consignment confiscated in UK

British law enforcement officials found 2.3 tons of cocaine in a consignment of bananas imported from Colombia. This was reported by the Sky News TV channel.

The drug was reportedly confiscated as soon as the cargo arrived at Portsmouth International Port. Later, law enforcement officers carried out an armed raid on an industrial facility in north London, where they were supposed to deliver pallets of bananas. Ten men between the ages of 21 and 56 were arrested in the drug smuggling case.

The National Crime Agency said the cocaine found could be worth up to £ 184 million (RUB 19 billion). It became the largest cocaine seizure in the UK in history.

Earlier, two British drug traffickers tried to transport cocaine across the North Sea on a jet ski and nearly died. On their way back from the Netherlands, they ran out of fuel. When the unlucky criminals were found by rescuers, one of them was diagnosed with frostbite, and the other – exhaustion. They were taken to a Norfolk hospital, but the rescuers were alerted by the suspicious behavior of the men, and they contacted the police. The intruders lied that they were fishing, but the police searched and found two kilograms of cocaine, a map of the North Sea, diving equipment and a tide schedule.

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