Latest news for the morning of July 25, 2021: Vitalina Batsarashkina brought Russia the first gold of the Tokyo Olympics

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Latest news for the morning of July 25, 2021: Vitalina Batsarashkina brought Russia the first gold of the Tokyo Olympics

Latest news for the morning of July 25, 2021. Russian Vitalina Batsarashkina brought our team the first gold medal of the Tokyo Olympics, she won in shooting from a pneumatic pistol from 10 meters. This medal became the third for Russian athletes at the Summer Olympics in the capital of Japan.

On Saturday evening, Alexander Kurdyukov, Minister of Digital Development and Communications of the Amur Region, died, who was hospitalized a few days ago with severe injuries sustained while resting at a tourist base. The governor of the region, Vasily Orlov, announced his death.

Russian scientists agree that today too little is known about the so-called “Brazilian” strain of the coronavirus, which was named “gamma”, to make definite conclusions about its infectiousness for those who have been vaccinated against COVID-19. However, according to Larisa Popovich, director of the Institute for Health Economics at the Higher School of Economics, those vaccinated can also become infected with this type of infection.

By the way, the Russian Ministry of Health has updated its recommendations on vaccination against COVID-19. The updates concerned mainly the prevention of new coronavirus infection in pregnant women and cancer patients.

The Central Election Commission excluded Pavel Grudinin from the list of candidates from the Communist Party to participate in the upcoming elections of the State Duma deputies. The reason for this decision was a letter from his ex-wife to the CEC, in which she announced that the ex-spouse had assets abroad.

Meanwhile, Washington Post columnist Mark Thiessen called for impeachment against US President Joe Biden over the Nord Stream 2 deal.

And Donald Trump, who at one time escaped impeachment, once again attacked the current Washington administration and the Democrats with criticism. In particular, he said that they constantly accuse Russia of being involved in everything that happens in the United States, while avoiding criticizing the Chinese authorities. The ex-head of the White House also said that transgender people should not participate in women's sports, including the Olympic Games.

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