Latvia bans broadcasting of all Russian channels


Latvia banned broadcasting of all Russian channels

Russian TV channels were banned in Latvia/Channel 24 Collage

Consequently, 80 Russian TV channels are now banned. We are talking about those that were still available to Latvian TV viewers.

Latvia banned the broadcasting of Russian programs

According to NEPLP head Ivars Abolins, the decision was adopted in accordance with the law. According to it, programs registered in a state that threatens the independence and territorial integrity of another country cannot be broadcast in Latvia.

When the decision comes into force

It is known that the relevant decision comes into force as early as June 9 . The ban will be in effect until Russia stops the war against Ukraine.

Which channels are banned

According to the NEPLP decision, the following channels are banned:

  • E TV;
  • “Illusion+”;
  • “Kino24”;
  • “Mir TV”;
  • “Hunting and fishing”;
  • “Pepper”;
  • “Russian Illusion”, etc.

The National Council for Electronic Media decided to block Russian channels, including entertainment ones, at the beginning of March.

At the same time, NEPLP issued permission to broadcast the Dozhd TV channel. According to the head of the National Council, the channel will continue to be broadcast from Riga.

Remember!After the start of a full-scale war in Ukraine, the Dozhd TV channel temporarily stopped its activities in the aggressor state. Like, workers need to gain strength and figure out how to proceed.

In early April, it became known that Latvia was considering deprivation of citizenship for supporting Russian war crimes.

By the way, as of May 23, YouTube blocked about 9 thousand channels and 70 thousand videos with Russian disinformation.

Infidels continue to spread propaganda

  • In the temporarily occupied territories, infidels “cook” Ukrainians to the “day of Russia”. They plan to shoot propaganda stories about the life of the townspeople once again. Russia continues to harass and use children.
  • Russian propaganda is still trying to prove that war is not supposed to be war. This was told by Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Sergei Leshchenko.
  • In Mariupol, they began to cynically distribute propaganda on mobile TVs on wheels.
  • The Russians themselves are actively fed with propaganda. There, “storytellers” continue to talk about the “successes of the special operation.”

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