Latvia has suspended the issuance of visas to Russians, but there is an exception


Latvia has suspended issuance visas for Russians, but there is an exception

Russians will have to forget about traveling to Latvia/Channel 24 Collage

Latvia on August 5 suspended the issuance of visas to Russians. The only exception is participation in the funeral of a close relative or relative.


The news was reported by the press service of the Latvian Embassy in Russia. Ukrainians reacted positively to this decision.

The Latvian Embassy in Russia has suspended indefinitely the acceptance of visa applications for Russian citizens, except for participation in the funeral of a close relative, the message says. .

Russians on the border with Latvia are asked to sign a document

On the border with Latvia, Russians, in order to get into the civilized world, must sign a document that they condemn Russia's aggression in Ukraine. The Latvian Security Service reported: special attention is paid to foreigners who:

  • served in Russian or Belarusian law enforcement agencies;
  • display symbols glorifying Russian aggression;
  • declare a negative attitude towards Latvia.

The Latvian Security Service stressed that many foreigners were no longer allowed to enter the territory of Latvia. We are talking about people who spread cynical and absurd Kremlin military propaganda messages.

Pay attention! From the first days of a full-scale war, Latvia has been supporting Ukraine in countering Russian aggression. In July 2022, the government of Latvia approved a new military aid tranche. The news was announced by Artis Pabriks, Minister of Defense of Latvia.

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