Latvia will continue to lobby for tough sanctions against Russia – Liepins


Latvia will continue to lobby tough sanctions against russia, – Liepiņš

Latvia lobbying for sanctions against russia/Collage 24 Channel

Latvia recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. In addition, Latvia calls on the EU and NATO countries to do the same and continue to impose even more sanctions on the Russian Federation.


A Latvian journalist and writer spoke about this Channel 24 Imantis Liepins. He also added that some leaders of the EU countries, in particular Scholz, do not support sanctions, which can really give a result and affect the aggressor country.

Latvia refused from Russian electricity, will also refuse gas

The journalist noted that Latvia's support for Ukraine would remain unshakable. And his country will demand new sanctions against Russia from partners.

Latvia will continue to lobby for tough sanctions against Russia, against Putin, against companies in Russia that produce weapons and are involved in financing the war, Liepiņš noted.

Besides he has declared, that Latvia in the near future will refuse the Russian gas. And it has already been disconnected from Russian electricity. This is what Latvia intends to lobby among other EU countries.

And Liepins also said that it would be good if the Ukrainians suggested what else to do in support of Ukraine and against Russia.

Close it is still impossible to completely close the border between Russia and Latvia

The Latvian journalist also said that it is impossible to completely close the Russian-Latvian border. After all, hundreds of Ukrainian refugees from the occupied territories arrive in Latvia through Russia.

“For example, people from Mariupol, from Donbass still travel daily by bus, car, train through Rostov, Smolensk, Moscow. And then they come to Latvia from Russia,” Liepiņš stressed.

However, he added that there is now a debate to close the border for Russian citizens. So that they do not have the opportunity to arrive in Latvia, stay there or go to other EU countries.

Latvia recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism: what is known

  • On August 11, the Saeima of Latvia recognized Russia as a state sponsoring terrorism in the world. In addition, Latvia called on the EU countries to stop issuing visas to Russian and Belarusian citizens.
  • Shortly after that, hackers attacked the website of the Latvian Saeima. But his work has already been resumed.
  • In addition, the United States may overturn additional troops into the Baltic countries. More military exercises with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia will be conducted by the US due to the ever-increasing Russian military aggression.

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