Launched more than 1,300 missiles in Ukraine: Forbes calculated how much it cost Russia


Launched more than 1300 missiles in Ukraine: Forbes calculated how much it cost Russia

Russia spent about 7.5 billion dollars on missile strikes in Ukraine/Channel 24 collage

Recently, Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar reported that the Russians had fired more than 1,300 missiles into Ukraine. The Ukrainian edition of Forbes calculated that it cost the aggressor country about $7.5 billion.

It is noted that the amount may be inaccurate, in particular, due to the complexity of calculations in the context of continued military actions. For more details on Russian spending on missile strikes against Ukraine during the full-scale invasion, read on.

Russian spending on missile strikes on Ukraine

Forbes noted that the estimated number of Caliber missiles launched by Russia in Ukraine is 235 units. This includes 183 missiles, which, according to the Ministry of Defense, the occupiers launched before March 24 and 52 missiles launched on March 26.

Regarding the Kalibr missiles, the publication took into account only those cases where it was known about the class of the missile . In fact, there could have been many more such shells.

Important! As of April 29, the Pentagon has already counted 1,900 Russian missile launches on the territory of Ukraine.

There are also no exact statistics on the number of Iskander, Tochka-U and X-class missiles launched by Russia, so the publication assumes that their ratio remains the same as on March 24 – when the Ministry of Defense released more detailed information:

  • 62% of the total – “Iskander”;
  • 30% – class X;
  • 8% – “Tochka-U”.

Specifies that the cost of rocket projectiles can significantly vary . For example, the Military Russia website estimates Tochka-U at $300,000, Kalibr at $6.5 million, X-101 class missiles are even more expensive.

By the way, according to confirmed data on launches of Russian missiles and their estimated average cost, Russia has already spent 7.5 billion dollars on the shells that hit Ukraine.

For comparison, this amount is more than 82 out of 85 annual local budgets of settlements in Russia – all except Moscow, the Moscow region and St. Petersburg.

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