Lavrov and Russian delegation invited 56 visas to the US, but did not receive a single one – media


Lavrov and the Russian delegation invited 56 visas to the US, but did not receive any, – media

Russia has requested 56 US visas so that Sergey Lavrov and his delegation can leave for New York. Their ambassador is already furious that no one is given visas.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has gathered for the annual meeting of world leaders at the UN, which will be held in New York.

The meeting is coming soon, but the Russians don't have a single visa yet

The meeting of UN world leaders will take place in the US this month. Lavrov and his delegation also gathered there. The Russian official invited 56 visas to the US, but so far none have been issued to the aggressors.

Note that, according to the 1947 UN agreement, the US is obliged to give access to the UN to foreign diplomats. However, Washington said that they could refuse to issue visas on the grounds of “security, terrorism and foreign policy.” Also, the country did not comment on the visa records, as they are confidential.

The Russian ambassador expressed indignation

The Russian ambassador to the UN Basil Nebenzya has already written a letter to the UN about this. I decided to immediately write directly to the Secretary General of the organization, António Guterres.

In the letter, Nebenzya said that this was “alarming.” Like, he really doesn’t like that in the past few months Washington has been “constantly refusing to issue entry visas” to a number of Russian citizens and delegates.

Recall that the United States is constantly expanding the list of sanctioned persons from Russia and Belarus. It also includes collaborators from Ukraine helping the Kremlin and the war against Ukraine. But at the same time, the US does not support the idea of ​​visa restrictions for Russians.

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