Lavrov spoke about the artificial luring of countries into NATO

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Lavrov: West artificially expanded NATO and draws Ukraine into it

Lavrov spoke about the artificial luring of countries into NATO

Photo: press service of the Russian Foreign Ministry

The West continues its attempts to artificially expand NATO and draw Ukraine into it, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said at the annual Foreign Ministry press conference in Moscow.

Lavrov said that the meaning of the existence of the North Atlantic Alliance ceased with the end of the Cold War and the collapse of the USSR, but the United States and NATO continue to try to artificially lure countries into the defense bloc under the pretext of protecting against the “Russian threat”.

Over the past years, NATO has seriously expanded its influence in Eastern Europe, including Ukraine. This has led to growing tensions between the forces of the alliance and Russia, which sees this as a threat to national security along national borders.

Earlier, Lavrov, on the air of the Big Game program, said that in negotiations with Moscow on security guarantees in Europe, the West tried to assert its dominance on the world stage. According to him, despite the tough position of Western countries on Russian proposals regarding security guarantees in Europe, Moscow found arguments.

In the same interview, the Russian minister said that the draft of a new package of US sanctions against Russia, which could affect not only high-ranking officials, but also Nord Stream 2 and its operator, was a nervous breakdown for American officials.

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