Law enforcement officer Marinchenko, who died in an airfield in Brovary, was buried in the Cherkasy region


Law enforcement officer Marinchenko, who died in an aviatroshch in Brovary, was buried in Cherkasy region

< p _ngcontent-sc181="" class="news-annotation">A plane crash occurred in Brovary on January 18, in which 14 people died. Law enforcement officer Andrei Marinchenko was among them.

This was reported on January 22 by the police of the Cherkasy region. Andriy Marinchenko was an investigator for especially important cases of the Internal Security Department of the National Police.

What was the farewell like

The ceremony was held in the village of Gorobievka, Cherkasy region. All fellow villagers, relatives, friends, acquaintances, military personnel and fellow policemen from Kyiv and Cherkasy region came to see the deceased policeman on his last journey.

Hundreds of people said goodbye to Andrey. The fog hid tearful eyes. Faces tormented by grief and tears of those who are not indifferent, but he could not hide the cry of his mother. Eternal memory to you, Andrew! Forever in the ranks, the policemen wrote.

Marinchenko's funeral in the Cherkasy region/Photo by the National Police

Andrei's relatives/Photo by the National Police

Andrei died in a plane crash/Photo by the National Police

Farewell ceremony/Photo by the National Police

Andriy Marinchenko said goodbye in Cherkasy region/Photo by the National Police “ltr”>

  • In the Khmelnytsky region they said goodbye to Tatyana Shutyak, who died in Brovary. She was the deputy head of the patronage service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Tatyana was supposed to turn 27 on January 24.
  • The Ministry of Internal Affairs helicopter crashed near the kindergarten. There was a fire. Tatyana Boychenko took her daughter to a preschool. The woman died under the rubble of the flaming ceiling. Farewell to Tatyana took place on January 22 in Brovary.
  • Also, in Brovary, they said goodbye to 5-year-old Milana Ponomarenko and her mother. Mother and daughter died in a kindergarten.
  • The on-board mechanic Ivan Kasyanov died in a plane crash. His relatives shared their memories.
  • In Nizhyn, on the territory of the special detachment of the State Emergency Service, there was a farewell to the crew of the helicopter.
  • They said goodbye to Minister Denis Monastyrsky and the leadership of the department in Kyiv on January 21. The ceremony was attended by President Zelensky and the first lady.
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