League hit: The 25th stage on the way to the eighth title in a row


Series champion Salzburg receives third place LASK on Sunday and is aiming for the third victory in the championship group.

League hit: The 25th stage on the way to the eighth title in a row

Salzburg had a lot to celebrate against LASK in the past twelve months.

It is the trial run for the cup final in which the two teams will face each other again on May 1st in Klagenfurt: League leaders Salzburg will receive the LASK on Sunday in the Bundesliga and could take the next step towards the eighth championship title in a row. The Salzburg team has seven points with eight laps to go on Rapid, eight on LASK.

The statistics speak for Red Bull: The Linzers have lost five duels with Salzburg in a row, this season 1: 3 and 0: 1. “But we have shown in both games that we can be close,” said coach Dominik Thalhammer and again promised a courageous game: “We'll see whether we can force Salzburg to make mistakes or cause them really big problems. ”

Salzburg clearly has the double in their sights. “With these two goals we don't have any flexibility for anything else,” said coach Jesse Marsch. He no longer gets involved in experiments in the master group. “Our respect for LASK is very clear. They always played well against us. They are very intense, “said the American:” It will certainly not be easy, but we appreciate situations like this. “

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