Lend-Lease could start working since May 9, – political expert on the specifics of the law


Lend-Lease could start working from 9 May, – political expert on the specifics of the law

On October 1, the Ukrainian media wrote that the United States Lend-Lease law had come into force. However, there is speculation that the program has been operating since May, when the document was signed by President Joe Biden.

This Channel 24 was told by the head of the Vezha Center for Public Analytics Valery Klochok. According to him, the history of Lend-Lease is now rather strange. He recalled that even the Minister of Defense of Ukraine, Oleksiy Reznikov, in one of his September interviews, did not clearly explain what model that program would work on.

Lend-lease could have been launched even earlier

As Klochok suggests, lend-lease could have been launched even earlier – from May 9, when Biden signed the relevant law. It is obvious that the program does not work in the classical model, as during the Second World War.

This can be both rent and long-term loans along with gratuitous assistance. No specific details yet.

Looks like lend-lease is working. But not in the classical model. A lot of help will need to be paid in the future. But no one hides this. The price we will pay is much lower than the price that is on other scales – our freedom, – Klochok noted.

Many Ukrainians hoped that with the start of Lend-Lease, Ukraine would receive Western aviation and a more modern military technique. Klochok is convinced that these issues are now being actively discussed. However, no one will report unnecessary details during the war. It is possible that the same planes will be in Ukraine very soon.

It should be added that the United States is more focused on other aid packages for Ukraine. For example, the US Senate recently passed a new bill providing $12.4 billion in additional aid to Ukraine. These funds will go to both military equipment and the economic sector.

According to former CIA Director David Petraeus, the United States spends a significant amount of money to support Ukraine. We are talking about weekly assistance in the amount of half a billion to a billion dollars.

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