Leopard tanks in Ukraine to be: Germany will not block the transfer to other countries


Leopard tanks in Ukraine: Germany won't block transfers to other countries

Ukraine urgently needs modern tanks, in particular, Leopard 2, to fight against infidels. And some countries agree to provide them to our military .

However, for a long time without a “green light” from Germany, which is the manufacturer of these machines, no one could carry out such a transfer. However, at the end of January, Germany announced that they would not block the transfer of Leopard 2 to Ukraine by the EU countries.

Germany will not block the export of tanks

This, in particular, was announced at a briefing following the meeting of the EU Council at the level of foreign ministers of the member states, Vice President of the European Parliament, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign and Security Policy Josep Borrell.

He said that at the The Council of the EU exchanged views on the supply of modern tanks to Ukraine, however, coordination work is taking place within the framework of the Ramstein meetings. Note that the representative of the US State Department, Ned Price, also spoke about the transfer of these tanks. He noted that news from Germany regarding the supply of tanks to our defenders can be expected in the coming days.

Other countries wishing to export Leopard tanks may do so. Germany does not block the export of Leopard tanks,” said Josep Borrell.

Now the countries that wanted to provide Ukraine with German modern tanks for the fight will be able to do this.

Also, Josep Borrell stressed that in addition to tanks, other commitments that were announced at the Rammstein meeting on January 20 must be taken into account. This is necessary to increase military support for Ukraine through many other means.

Supplying Ukraine with modern Leopard tanks

At a meeting of Ramstein on January 20, when discussing military assistance to Ukraine, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin urged not to slow down the pace in providing support to Ukraine, but on the contrary, to increase the supply of weapons. After all, in his opinion, right now is the turning point of the war

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that there is no unanimous opinion among the allies regarding the provision of modern tanks to Ukraine. However, he said that he had instructed officials to check the stocks of Leopard tanks in Germany. This is necessary so that they can “act quickly” in the event of a “positive decision” to provide these tanks to our military.

Interestingly, shortly before the meeting, information appeared about Scholz's ultimatum to the United States. It seems that Germany is ready to supply its tanks, but only after the States provide their Abrams tanks as well. The German Defense Minister denied this information.

On January 22, Poland decided to act and announced that they would allow the creation of a coalition to transfer modern tanks to Ukraine without Germany. According to Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland will not passively watch Ukraine bleed.

On the same day, German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock said that her country would not interfere with Poland if it wanted to provide Leopard tanks Ukraine At the same time, she stressed that Warsaw had not yet applied to Berlin with a request to allow these tanks to be provided to Ukraine.

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