Leshchenko on why Russia is spreading fakes about the “destruction” of the S-300, which was transmitted by Slovakia


Leshchenko on why Russia is spreading fakes about the

Why Russia is spreading a fake about the “destruction” of the S-300, which reported by Slovakia/”Focus”

The Russian military spread a fake that the S-300, which was transferred by Slovakia, was destroyed in Ukraine. Sergei Leshchenko explained that the propagandists had 2 reasons for this at once.

The Russians said they had destroyed air defense in the Nikolaev region. However, this was already a traditional lie, Channel 24 reports.

Why did the Kremlin launch a fake

According to the adviser to the head of the Office of the President Sergei Leshchenko, the aggressor wants to stop the military aid that the world is providing to Ukraine. With their fakes, the Russians seek to:

  • demotivate our partners. Like, they will destroy any transferred weapons;
  • show that the equipment may end up in the hands of the Russian army and then it turns out that the states armed not Ukraine, but Russia.

And Ukrainian and Slovak authorities denied the destruction of air defense.

By the way, the source of this fake was the speaker of the Russian Ministry of Defense Igor Konashenkov. He always gives out wishful thinking and creates the picture necessary for Russian propaganda. The military says that the Russians are “planned” to destroy the Ukrainian army. However, if you count everything that they “destroyed”, then the number is several armies of Ukraine.

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