Leshchenko told how Russia uses the image of children to justify aggression in Ukraine


Leshchenko told how Russia uses the image of children to justify aggression in Ukraine

Russia cynically uses the image of a boy/Unsplash

Russia creates the image of children for its cynical purposes. Thus, she is trying to justify the crimes in Ukraine.

In particular, Russian propagandists came up with the image of the boy Alyosha, who seems to be very happy to meet the invaders advancing on Ukraine. This was stated at a briefing by the adviser to the head of the OP Sergey Leshchenko on May 27, Channel 24 reports.

Russia continues to use children's images to justify the war. The boy Alyosha, who seems to be in the Belgorod region, runs out and greets with applause and a wave of his hand the Russian armored vehicles, which are moving in the direction of Ukraine. Russian propagandists filmed stories about this guy, he became a meme in a telegram. Leshchenko said.

Now the image of the fictional Alyosha has been placed on the chocolate wrapper. In particular, sweets began to be produced in Belgorod. According to the propaganda media, the boy is depicted wearing a flyer's helmet. They write about it in telegram channels. However, the boy is actually wearing a tank helmet.

I, in turn, call on all citizens both in Ukraine and around the world, do not believe the liars in the aggressor country. Trust the Ukrainian official media, the telethon, the armed forces and the military-political leadership, – stressed the adviser to the head of the Presidential Office.

Sergei Leshchenko's latest statements

  • Russia has attached to its propaganda the odious Patriarch Kirill. He undertook to lie to people all over the world about Russia's war against Ukraine, justifying the aggressor country. In particular, he stated that Russia is “defending its territory” in the war.
  • In response to the Ukrposhta stamp “Russian warship…Everything”, Russia created its own cynical stamp. It depicts the letter “Z”, which is visible against the background of a blurred symbol of the Azov regiment. Also, Russia placed on the stamp the Azovstal plant, which they could not take by storm and decorated it all with the words “Nazism event”.
  • This year, Russia was not allowed into the economic forum in Davos because of the attack on Ukraine. Therefore, the aggressor came up with her own forum, which seemed to be independent and no worse than other countries. The forum was called the Eurasian Economic Forum, where Putin personally spoke.

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