Lest others have excuses: Estonia gives Ukraine all its 155mm howitzers


Let others have no excuses: Estonia is giving all its 155mm howitzers to Ukraine

It was recently announced that Estonia will provide Ukraine with a record military aid package. Thus, all 155-millimeter howitzers will be handed over to our state.

This was stated by Estonian Ambassador to Ukraine Kaima Kuusk. According to him, in this way they want to set an example for other countries so that they have no excuses why they cannot provide weapons to Ukraine.

Estonia is giving all its howitzers to Ukraine

We are giving all our 155 mm howitzers to Ukraine and we want to set a precedent in this way to other countries have no excuse left why they cannot provide Ukraine with the necessary weapons to win the war. Kuusk said.

What will Estonia give to Ukraine:

  • dozens of 155 mm FH-70 howitzers and 122 mm D-30,
  • thousands of 155mm artillery shells,
  • hundreds of M2 Karl-Gustaf anti-tank grenade launchers with ammunition,
  • artillery support equipment

Characteristics of the “Karl-Gustaf” grenade launcher/”Territorial Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine”

In addition, Estonia will continue to provide both basic and specialized training to the military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Aid to Ukraine from other countries

  • The United States has announced another package of military aid to Ukraine. Its total size is 2.5 billion dollars.
  • Recently it became known that the government of Sweden will transfer the powerful Archer artillery system to our country. Ukraine will also receive 50 CV90 infantry fighting vehicles.
  • The Netherlands has named the number of Patriot units that will be transferred to Ukraine. In addition to them, missiles will be sent to our state for these air defense systems.
  • By the way, the US Congress called for transferring ATACMS long-range missiles, as well as tanks, to Kyiv.

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