Letters with explosives: a suspect in attacks on the Ukrainian embassy in Spain was taken into custody


Letters with explosives: Suspect in attacks on Ukrainian embassy in Spain taken into custody< /p>

Spain has taken into custody a man involved in sending 6 letters with explosives. In particular, the packages were received by the embassies of Ukraine and the United States in Madrid.

The judge incriminates the detainee with 4 crimes of terrorism, 2 crimes of terrorism under aggravating circumstances and the use of flammable or incendiary explosive devices for terrorist purposes. detention

Judge of the National Court, Jose Luis Calama, agreed to detain without bail the detainee for sending 6 letters with explosives:

  • Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez,
  • < li>Minister of Defense Margarita Robles,

  • Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid,
  • to Instalaza facilities,
  • US Embassy in Madrid,
  • Torrejon Air Base satellite center.

The judge's decision states that the terrorist attacks took place on background of the war in Ukraine. They pursued the goal:

  • to seriously disturb public peace,
  • to convey the message that these actions are committed by persons associated with Russia,
  • to compel the authorities Spanish state authorities to refrain from supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

These goals, according to the judge, are confirmed by the persistence in carrying out acts of terrorism, as well as the content of pro-Russian websites, in particular Russiatoday.com, RT, sputniknews, etc.

The investigator noted that in order to agree on a measure of restraint in the form of detention, it is necessary to take into account whether there is a risk of escape, concealment of sources of evidence and the risk of a recurrence of the crime. In this particular case, he believes that the seriousness of the charges, which could carry a penalty of 20 years in prison, increases the temptation to flee.

The judge also argues that there is a high risk of recurrence of the crime, so a preliminary conclusion without prejudice to “the course of the investigation and in particular the report on the analysis of the explosives used, which makes it worth modifying”. The court order can be appealed within three days.

What is known about letters with explosives

  • On November 30, an explosion was heard at the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid. Subsequently, the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry noted that an envelope with explosives had been sent there. The letter exploded in the commandant's hands as he examined it. He received minor injuries and ended up in the hospital.
  • Ambassador of Ukraine to Spain Serhiy Pohoreltsev noted that the letter was addressed to him personally. However, since it aroused suspicion among the employees of the institution, it first fell into the hands of an employee who was also responsible for security.
  • The Office of the President stated that the Russian special services were most likely behind this terrorism.
  • The attack against Ukrainian diplomats in Madrid was not the only one. On the same day, the Spanish company Instalaza, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez, the Ministry of Defense and the Torrejón de Ardoz air base received a package with an explosive device.
  • The Spanish police reported that an envelope with explosives sent to Sánchez was found and neutralized on 24 November. While the Ministry of Defense received such a letter on December 1.

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