LG has started selling Apple devices in its brand stores. Samsung was against

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LG has started selling Apple devices in its brand stores. Samsung was against

Since August 16, the South Korean chain of branded stores LG Best Shop has launched the sale of smartphones, tablets and other devices of its former competitor – Apple. According to experts, the deal will be beneficial to both companies. The Korean smartphone manufacturer Samsung opposed it – the company considered the agreement between LG and Apple to be unfair.

With the discontinuation of smartphones in July 2021, LG has benefited from the local market situation. According to The Korea Times, the sale of the iPhone will attract Apple fans, mainly young people, to the stores. It is possible that they will pay attention to LG products as well. The deal is profitable for Apple itself – so far there are only two Apple Stores in the country.

Apple products will be sold in 150 of 400 LG stores in South Korea. In addition to smartphones, buyers will be able to buy Apple Watch and iPad. Laptops will not appear on sale – LG has not left this niche yet and continues to release its own solutions.

Samsung strongly opposed the deal – the company is afraid of losing a significant market share. According to the manufacturer, LG's move violated the agreement signed by the companies in 2018. According to him, only LG smartphones can be sold in LG stores, and only Samsung smartphones in Samsung stores.

LG believes that the document is no longer valid, as it contains a clause according to which the agreement may be revised due to significant changes in the business of one of the companies. Samsung tried to put pressure on LG with the help of the largest Korean carriers. They were asked to demand that LG sell Samsung Galaxy smartphones in addition to iPhones in its stores.

Earlier, “Secret” wrote that Apple suppliers received orders for the assembly of 90 million new iPhones by the end of the year – 20% above the annual average. Typically, the company ordered 75 million new smartphones from the time they went into production until the new year.

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