Liberation of Crimea: what opportunities will appear in the Armed Forces of Ukraine after the reflection of Melitopol


The military expert said that the enemy is well aware that he will be defeated, so he is trying to create certain defensive lines, acting in the same way as in Kherson.

“Defensive lines make sense only if if they are provided with the appropriate number of troops, weapons, military equipment, ammunition and materiel,” he stressed.

In his opinion, the invaders can build anything they want, but it will be much more difficult to keep it. In addition, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are actively involved in ensuring that the plans of the enemy are not implemented.

We are constantly and tirelessly working to destroy the places of concentration of personnel, bases and warehouses of the enemy deployed in this zone, command posts,” Grabsky said.

According to him, in the occupied part of the Kherson region, the Russians are simply physically unable to provide a sufficient number of troops to keep the situation under control in this direction. The enemy also has no success at Ugledar, which is the key to Melitopol.

“We have every reason to declare that there are absolutely conscious and clear prospects that Melitopol can become our next goal in issue of the liberation of our territories,” he explained.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine are working on this and will certainly expel Russian infidels from the territory of Ukraine.

News from the occupied Melitopol

  • The day before, the artillery of the 128th mountain brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, while adjusting the Aist drone, destroyed a column of Russian troops on the Melitopol-Vasilyevka road south of Zelenaya Roshcha.
  • The occupiers brought unknown Russian judges to captured Melitopol to try Ukrainians. The Russians staged a trial of a Ukrainian woman who sent money to help the Ukrainian military.
  • Also, the mayor of Melitopol, Ivan Fedorov, said that the Russian military harassed teenage girls. Local residents watched the situation when the invaders brought a young woman to tears in the center of the city.
  • On February 10, a series of explosions rocked the occupied Melitopol. Locals report a “pop”.
  • According to local media, there were two explosions first. Then a series – it looks like a detonation. They note that “everyone heard the inhabitants of New Melitopol.” It is likely that the explosions were outside the city.

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