Libya also did not recognize the ICC decision on Gaddafi: interesting parallels were drawn on the network


Libya also did not recognize the ICC decision on Gaddafi: interesting parallels were drawn on the network

The International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Vladimir Putin. It is clear that in Russia the corresponding decision is not recognized. Note that at one time the same reaction was in Libya against Gaddafi.

Russians should learn history. While they are burning furiously because of the decision of the International Criminal Court regarding Putin, Channel 24 decided to remind that something like this has already happened. True, in 2011.

Russia repeats the mistakes of Libya

Note that the speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which no one needs in Russia, Maria Zakharova, reacted to the court decision. She assures that it will have “no significance” for the aggressor country, including from the right point of view. Like, Moscow is not included in the Rome Charter, then it has nothing to worry about.

And here are the parallels. In 2011 , the Libyan authorities also did not recognize the ICC warrant for the arrest of Muammar Gaddafi. Then the secretary of the Main People's Committee of Justice, Mohammed Ahmad al-Kamudi, reacted sharply to this. Then he complained that “the Western world is using this step as an instrument of provocation and pressure on the “third world countries.”

Recall that the decision of the ICC on Gaddafi was announced in June 2011. And in October of the same year, it was liquidated.

We don't hint at anything. Just discovered an interesting pattern. So we do not rule out that a similar situation will happen with Vladimir Putin. Recall that he has the right to be detained in 123 countries of the world that are parties to the Rome Charter.

Putin became an exile

  • This was stated by Prosecutor General Andrei Kostin. He noted that the decision of the International Criminal Court will contribute to this. Now, after all, world leaders will think thrice before shaking hands with Putin or sitting down at the negotiating table with him.
  • But that is not all. They plan to take measures aimed at finding and detaining suspects. Putin is precisely that suspect.
  • According to the proposed mechanism, the ICC should send an appeal to the States parties to the Rome Statute. He will ask them to arrest and transfer the person to the International Criminal Court. In our case, Vladimir Putin. So now he does not dare to poke into one of the 123 countries that are members of the charter.

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