“Light a candle”: the death of a volunteer who fought on the side of Ukraine was reported in the Czech Republic

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This is the second fighter from the Czech Republic to die in the war.

Another Czech volunteer died in the war against Russia in Ukraine.

This is reported by Bleska with reference to the Czech Foreign Ministry.

The deceased fought on the side of Ukraine.

“I just found out that another one of us died yesterday. This week was unsuccessful for the Czech Republic. Therefore, light a candle in the evening,” a Czech citizen who has been serving in Ukraine for more than six months wrote on Twitter under an anonymous profile.

This information was confirmed by the representative of the Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Daniel Drake.

“We can confirm that a volunteer with Czech citizenship who fought on the side of Ukraine was killed over the weekend. According to the ministry, this is the second such case in the last year,” he said.

The tragic news about the death of a soldier appeared just a few hours after the Czech Republic spread the news about a seriously wounded medic who was seriously wounded in the Donbass.

It is known that he worked as a volunteer in Ukraine.

“He was chopped down by debris. Rescuers provided immediate assistance, but the injuries are very serious. He himself saved more than 25 people during the last trip,” said a spokesman for the Phoenix organization.

It is known that at present his condition is stabilized, but the victim cannot yet be transported to the Czech Republic, so he will be taken to the capital of Ukraine.

Recall that the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada for Human Rights reported on the mass graves near Izyum. The bodies of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who may have been tortured, were found there.

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